Our Team

We’re a team with deep roots and influence in the faith-based community. We know the faith-based market so well because we’re in the pulpit and pews around the world. We’ve combined our expertise and experiences to deliver high-quality and high-impact services to the faith-based community and to our clients.

Hoyett Owens

Chairman & Chief Relationship Builder

Spearheads the strategic direction and new business development of the company. He’s a serial entrepreneur, a serial rainmaker, and a serial executor. He does all this while successfully managing his modest collection of Harley Davidson motorcycles and classic cars.

Jerry Mannery

President & Chief Song Writer

Plans and directs the day-to-day operations; manages project budgets; builds solid, trusted relationships with client, team members, and projected markets. He also sneaks away from time to time to write songs and travel the world with his award-winning group…the Mississippi Mass Choir.

Andrew J. Ford II

Production Manager & Chief Talent Scout

Manages all production staff, venue and artist selections, and creates the timelines and execution of the program for events, concerts and concert tours. As previous owner of a gospel record label and a winner of the Verizon choir competition, How Sweet the Sound, he’s got a keen eye for winning artists and performances.

Darrell K. Dove Sr.

Production Supervisor & Chief Timekeeper

Handles the logistics, including travel, hotel, seating for all artists and VIPs; manages the stage entry and exit at each event; and also performs site inspections, sound checks, and stage setups. Seeing that he’s the full-time pastor of a church, Darrell knows first-hand how to stand guard and provide keen oversight for even the most minute details.

Jim Quattrocki

Visual Media Producer & Chief Shotcaller

Shoots and edits all events and special projects, and is virtually fearless when it comes to “getting the shot.” He’s a master at telling a story through video, and is extremely passionate about matters that touch people’s hearts…from short films that highlight a person’s life to literally filming open heart surgery.

M. Belinda Owens

Researcher and Chief Button Pusher

If there’s a fact to be found, Belinda will find it. And then pass it on to help with strategy and execution. With a Ph.D. in Education, Belinda is a natural talent for helping FBC to dot all the Is and cross all the Ts.

LaShaunn Tappler

VP of Marketing & Chief of Brand Police

Oversees creative projects, brand messaging and aesthetic continuity across all mediums to ensure effective and impactful delivery. LaShaunn has won many awards while wearing her brand badge as the lead for projects with TV One, McDonald’s, Verizon, and more.

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